Roof Mounted Central Air Conditioners of  Expert Roof Series

Roof Mounted Central Air Conditioners of  Expert Roof Series


Description and Application:

Roof mounted central air conditioners of the ROOF series are designed to create and maintain an artificial climate in large mono-volume premises, such as large industrial workshops, shopping centers, exhibition and concert halls, etc. A single body, or one-unit, Eurovent Expert Roof version performs all kinds of air treatment – filtration, heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, recuperation, and maintains specified parameters of an artificial climate in the rooms under service.

Distinctive Features:

Central air conditioners of the Eurovent Expert Roof series are produced in two versions: without refrigeration module, or with built-in compressor-condenser unit based on Danfoss components. The air conditioner is mounted directly on the roof of the building served, making its installation simple, reducing the length of ventilation channels, and, as a result, saving the cost of construction and operation. The air conditioners are supplied to the facility already filled with coolant and completely ready for installation. Plug-and-Play principle puts the unit into operation as quickly as possible after connecting the heat and power supply.

The air conditioner frame is made of high-strength aluminum profile ProLam, sandwich panels with filler of extruded polystyrene foam or mineral wool are used as heat and noise insulation.

The design ensures maximum rigidity, bending and torsion strength, and, consequently, the air conditioner leak proofness.

This design solution helps to eliminate the need for additional support frames for air conditioner, and prevents possible suction of outside air into the ventilation system.


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