Ventilation Units of MiniBox W/Е/C Series

Ventilation Units of MiniBox W/Е/C Series


Description and Application:

Ventilation units of MiniBox W/Е/C Series present an economical and compact solution for the supply of clean and heated air to small and medium-sized rooms: offices, small shops, cafes, apartments, private houses, sports and other premises. The small size and low noise level enable the unit placement directly in such rooms. The units of this series perform the air treatment (filtration and heating to the required temperature) and supply it to the ventilated room.

Distinctive Features:

This series is distinguishingly compact, energy efficient and easy to connect on the Plug&Play principle. There are supply, supply and exhaust plants, and plants with a recovery unit.

The standard delivery includes:

  • Noise-proof 25 mm thick housing;
  • Ebm-Papst fan  (Germany);
  • Sest Luve water heater (Italy);
  • DBK ceramic electric heater (Germany);
  • Siemens electric drive (Germany).

LCD remote control unit based on Zentec controller included. Two filters of different cleaning degrees can be fitted. Option to select the service side (right or left). Universal wall or ceiling mount. Warranty 24 months.

Mixing units can be supplied as an option for water-heated models.


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