Our Production Facilities

The Eurovent factory (founded in 2001 in Togliatti, Samara Region) is an effective RUSSIAN production facility of European quality climatic equipment.

The main goals of production are to manufacture of high-quality products in a short time.

The Eurovent production shops are equipped with modern machines and mechanisms manufactured in Switzerland and Italy.

Eurovent produces air conditioners using only components made by the best world manufacturers (Arosio, Pro-lam, Ebm-Papst, Nicotra, Sest-luve, Klingenburg).

The Eurovent technical control department performs 100% control at all production stages: from the delivery of materials and components to our warehouse (input control) to the inspection of equipment output parameters prior to shipment to the client (output control). All comments and remarks arising during the checking phase are worked out by the technical control service according to 5 Why system. This eliminates the chances of their recurrence, and we can guarantee high quality of our products.

The Business Continuity Planning system has been introduced at the factory. It determines the steps and areas of responsibility when adverse conditions occur in the supply chain. Thus, we guarantee that your order will be fulfilled exactly on time.

To ensure proper quality and timely delivery, there is a plan to prevent and analyze the risks associated with manufacturing equipment and production process.

In 2015 our company successfully passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification.

Eurovent Products has been successfully operating throughout Russia and EAEU countries. Sites.

List of equipment produced by Eurovent:

  • Energy-efficient supply and supply-exhaust units of Climate series and Expert series with air flow rate up to 240,000 m3/h. Versions: general industrial, medical, explosion-proof, cold climate (below -35°C), external, etc.;
  • Central air conditioners of Climate and Expert series with cooling and adiabatic humidification;
  • Gas Heating Unit Air Supply Installations;
  • Intelligent Control Cabinets (providing full automation of equipment operation and protection of all systems from emergency situations):
  • Water mixing adjustment units;
  • Rooftop systems;
  • Air heating units;
  • Air curtains.

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