Central Air Conditioners of Marine Design, Climate Aqua Series

Central Air Conditioners of Marine Design, Climate Aqua Series


Description and Applicat:

Marine central air conditioners of Climate Aqua series are designed to create and maintain an artificial climate in ventilation systems on marine vessels of all types and purposes, on floating and stationary oil and gas platforms, as well as in coastal facilities.

Distinctive Features:

This series is produced with copolymer coating to prevent the influence of salt mist (sea air) on the climatic system, providing reliable protection from aggressive environments in various climatic conditions – from the extreme north to the tropics.

Special design of mounting and fixing elements: Soleco Engineering vibration supports, Ebm-Papst maintenance-free high performance EC motors with external rotor, rigid and lightweight Arosio/ProLam aluminium profile frame, intelligent automation based on the Danfoss, Carel, Siemens and Segnetics controllers – all this guarantees high reliability of the Aqua series air conditioners when operating in extreme conditions.

All components of the Aqua series have a hydrophobic, antibacterial surface layer with protective properties against various chemically active and aggressive media such as acids, trichloroethylene, toluene, denatured alcohol, etc.

The Aqua series climatic systems are available in explosion-proof and earthquake-resistant versions, as well as for facilities with aggressive environment. This provides high reliability of the system operation at prolonged angles of list, rolling, pitching, and in conditions of seismic activity.


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