History of development and mission



The successful development of our company as a leading producer of high-efficiency, advanced and environmentally-friendly ventilation solutions for our customers.

Eurovent is a Russian manufacturer of energy-efficient climatic equipment. At the intersection of cutting-edge engineering and world-class solutions, since 2001 we have been building climatic equipment capable to reduce operating costs by 84%.

To us, the innovations are always driven by the interests of our Customers. Regular information exchange between our employees, customers and suppliers ensures continuous optimization of the equipment produced.

Energy efficiency for us is inseparable from quality, therefore we use only components from the best world manufacturers in our products, most of which have production in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Eurovent central air conditioners function at more than 3,000 facilities throughout the Russian Federation. We are recommended by more than 100 of Russia’s largest companies, such as Rosneft, Transneft, LUKOIL, SIBUR Holding, Tander, as well as international companies, such as: Schneider Electric, Henkel Group, Magna, Hyundai, and many others.

The Laboratory of Energy Efficiency, unparalleled for the Russian Federation, has been set up based on the Eurovent Engineering Center enabling us to design advanced and often unique energy-efficient solutions. The development works are carried out in close cooperation with our partner: Togliatti State University. We are fit and prepared for the most ambitious projects from the concept development stage to the final product release. 30 people of our engineering staff are involved in the R&D works.

Due to a consistent approach to the development of the product line we managed to create a unique set of versions of climatic equipment:

  • general industrial
  • medical
  • cold climate
  • explosion-proof
  • earthquake-resistant
  • marine
  • compact
  • rooftop

Eurovent is an expert in the field of energy efficiency and a reliable supplier of equipment for ventilation, heating, and cooling of air.

History Milestones

2001 г.

The production of circular ducts and shaped products using the Swiss technology by SPIRO is launched for installation of ventilation systems.

2002 г.

The production of rectangular air ducts of Euroduct classes H and P for ventilation and air-conditioning systems is commenced. 2001-2002 timespan.

2002 г.

The production of network equipment for ventilation systems islaunched: channel fans, heat curtains, air intake and distribution grilles, valves for various purposes, etc.

2004 г.

The production of frame-type central air conditioners from European parts and components (Spain, Germany, France, Italy), ACS (automatic control systems) and mixing units for them is launched.

2005 г.

The production of pre-insulated PU foam pipelines for external heat supply is launched using Finnish technology.

2006 г.

An active development of the regional sales network. Representative offices of the company opened in the cities of Ufa, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Samara and Saratov.

2007 г.

The production of central air conditioners of medical and cold climate versions is launched and certified.

2008 г.

A new production shop for central air conditioners is put into operation.

2010 г.

Active expansion of the geography of supplies, the steady increase of production volumes. 2009-2010 timespan.

2011 г.

A strategic course to develop advanced energy efficiency of manufactured equipment is determined. A new series of energy-efficient Central Air Conditioners, EXPERT, is being designed. The production of central air conditioners of an explosion-proof version is launched.

2013 г.

The production of central air conditioners with injector humidification and emergency supply units with a diesel drive is launched. The line of ‘Climate’ central air conditioners is modernized. The geography of presence of Eurovent representatives is expanding.

2015 г.

The production of roof-mounted climate installations is launched: Rooftop, Rufvent.

2016 г.

The Laboratory of Energy Efficiency, unique for the Russian Federation, is set up. The product line is extended with small-sized installations, the Air Curtain line is updated .

2017 г.

Eurovent-online, a new online selection program for Central Air Conditioners is launched.

2021 г.

NTC EUROVENT Ltd becomes a member of the National Project on Labor Productivity. In cooperation with Samara Regional Competence Center, we are working towards improvement of production efficiency, introduction of lean technologies, gaining practical experience and knowledge, and also involve our employees in the process of continuous improvement.