Central Air Conditioners with Gas Heat Exchanger of Expert Gas Series

Central Air Conditioners with Gas Heat Exchanger of Expert Gas Series


Description and Application:

Central air conditioners with gas heat exchanger of Expert Gas Series are designed to create and maintain an artificial climate in premises of various designation, from industrial production shops and warehouses, to residential buildings, office and shopping centers.

Distinctive Features:

This version features gas heated air section.

Using natural gas as an energy carrier is one of the most economical ways of heating premises. This solution ensure savings due to the fact that there is no intermediate heat carrier and, as a result, there is no loss in the efficiency of the boiler and the transportation of the heat carrier to the central air conditioner.

The combustion occurs in the closed circuit of the heat exchanger, so the combustion products do not mix into the supplied air. While the special labyrinth system of gas passages allows the most efficient heating of air.

The system features CIB Unigas (Italy) burners, however, products of other manufacturers can be used at the request of the customer.

In the case of installation of Eurovent Expert Gas central air conditioners outside of the building, the automation control unit and the burner are installed in a special casing, equipped with an independent electrical heater enabling the start of the unit at low temperatures.

The air conditioner frame is made of high-strength aluminum profile Arosio/ProLam, sandwich panels with a filler of non-combustible and heat resistant material – mineral wool, are used as heat and noise insulation.

The design ensures maximum rigidity, bending and torsion strength, and, consequently, the air-conditioner leak proofness.

This design solution helps to eliminate the need for additional support frames for air conditioner, and prevents possible suction of outside air into the ventilation system.


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